Analyze your call center ratios to improve business performance

Most big companies have own call centers which perform different tasks. If a company sells products, there should always be a call center which takes orders by phone, as not all people prefer using the Internet to place orders. Big companies producing or selling products usually have customer support services, which are call centers that answer customers’ phones calls. As a rule, customers have certain questions and concerns are to products and services provided by the company. Call center operators deal with these issues.

Specific character of operating a call center implies special knowledge and business skills. Call center does not work like traditional business. There are special aspects of work and factors influencing performance of a customer support service or a call center.

Every single call matters for a call center. There are indicators that show how well a call center is operating. If your customers are not satisfied with how call center operators handle calls, you may suffer certain losses. If your call center operators fail to describe the product or payment procedure, or if they are not being polite enough a potential customer may not become a real customer. Thus, your conversion rate will leave much to be desired. This will result in reduced revenue for the whole company. Thus, as you can see, call center may spoil performance of the whole company. Problems in sales department may arise from problems in the call center.

Call center ratios will help you evaluate business performance

Call center ratios will help you evaluate business performance

Use call center ratios in evaluation of your call center performance

Use call center ratios in evaluation of your call center performance

If you want to know roots of the problems and your weak points you need to evaluate performance of your call center by key performance indicators (KPI). Moreover, you need to establish primary and secondary KPIs, as some of them have very little impact on how your call center is doing.

With the help of Balanced Scorecard system you will be able to evaluate your call center and see where you need to work harder to improve overall performance. This system needs from you certain values to assess KPIs, i.e. factors that make your business successful.

Call center metrics is very important for top managers as ordinary operators may not know what they are doing wrong. It is manager’s job to inform employees on weak and strong points in their work. So, for instance, if having used balanced Scorecard system, you discovered that your operators keep callers on hold for quite a long time and some customers do not have enough patience to wait, you need to seek relevant solutions.

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