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Measure call efficiency with contact KPI

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

What do you usually do if you are not satisfied with the quality of products and services? Yes, you dial number of a contact center to which calls are usually toll free. You naturally want to talk to representatives of companies that produced this product or rendered you particular services. You may know very little about the company and its approaches. You are not familiar with company policy and management strategy. In fact, you don’t care. Everything you are interested in is solving problems related to products and services.

For you, the person who answers the phone on that end, is a person who represents the entire company. This is the company’s face or, in case of call center, the “voice” of the company. If you have had an unpleasant experience with a particular call center you will not like the entire company. Why are we talking about this? It is to explain how important a call center is. Poor performance of a call center (customer support service) may result in poor performance of all company departments and overall performance of the company.

Evaluation of a call center performance is very important in financial terms. As said above low sales rate may be a direct consequence of a poor call center performance. If the products are not sold well or customers do not receive full information and support on the purchased products/services, your business may be in jeopardy.

Contact KPI shows performance of a call center

Contact KPI shows performance of a call center

Use contact KPI to assess and improve business performance

Use contact KPI to assess and improve business performance

Top managers from all over the world are actively using Balanced Scorecard system for business performance evaluation. This system evaluates separate key performance indicators (KPI) to provide you with the full picture of overall business performance. Each business has own KPIs, while call center managers need to focus on:

  1. Cost per call. If your call center is unprofitable, then why does it work anyway? You need to observe the balance and keep cost per call at affordable level, so that your employees get decent compensation and your company does not suffer major losses. Think of the ways to reduce cost per call, and in several months you will see real results.
  2. Revenue per successful call. If you call center sells products or services you need to make sure that you earn at each call as much as you can.
  3. First resolution call. Such calls are called one and done. It means that a caller resolves hiw problems with just one call.

Evaluate most important support indicators to measure business performance of a call center

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

If you have ever gone through a call to customer support service or a sale department of a company you know what it means to talk to incompetent or impolite operators. This is not just a waste of time. It is very difficult to master your emotions and ask your initial question for the fifth time. As a rule such calls end up abruptly – you simply hang up.

So let’s talk about specific nature of call center business and major factors that influence its performance. First, it needs saying that a call center is the face of your company. Your potential customer will never see company management in person (except for VIP customers). So, when a person dials number of a call center he forms his judgment about the company by his first conversation with a call center operator. If he does not like something about his call he would never buy from this company ever again, or what is worse, he might refuse services of a company and go to competitors.

Theoretically, your call center may scare all potential customers off. A call center that works inefficiently is a disaster. Thus, if you want to have consistent profits, you need to make sure that your call center works just perfectly.

In order to evaluate overall performance of a customer support center (call center) you need to evaluate support indicators, or key performance indicators if we are talking in general business terms. These key performance indicators influence performance of a call center, attitude of customers to your company, organization climate in your business etc.

Evaluate most important support indicator

Evaluate most important support indicator

Use support indicator evaluation in business assessment

Use support indicator evaluation in business assessment

Supports indicators are not numerous. There are certain factors that need to be taken into account in order to make sure that your call center is doing OK. So, let’s review the most important of them. And, yes…it needs saying that in order to effectively evaluate KPIs in call center business one should definitely use Balanced Scorecard system. This is a very efficient business evaluation tools used by thousands of managers all over the world. So, what KPIs will Balanced Scorecard system evaluate in case of call center metrics?  We will name two most important factors.

Cost per call. This is the cornerstone of a call center business. If calls are too expensive then you inefficiently invest funds in the work of a call center. Balanced Scorecard system will evaluate this KPI for you to take counter measures.

Customer satisfaction. This is one of the most important factors. In fact, a customer should be 100% satisfied with the call, otherwise you may lose money.

Test call center performance to improve service quality

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Are you familiar with the situation when you contact call center of a certain company and you cannot have your problem solved for 20 minutes? In other word, have you ever contacted a BAD call center? Believe it or not, this is a real challenge for a caller. There can be nothing worse than an incompetent call center operator who can only say “I understand your problem, let me see what I can do.” And that’s it. No solution at all. Eventually, you lose your temper, hang up and make a firm decision – never to deal with this company ever again.

This is a typical example of how companies lose customer, even the most loyal ones. Is call center of your company working OK? Test call center performance to find that out. Of course, you may call your own call center to see how your personnel work. But even if you hear pleasant voice and polite speech that does not means your customer support service has a perfect performance. There are many factors that have a strong influence on the work of a call center. You should know KPIs, i.e. key performance factors relevant to the call center business.

We recommend that you use Balanced Scorecard system to evaluate performance of a call center. Why would you need to do that? It is simple. You cannot work out any plans as to the further development without being aware of current problems and weak points. There may be some things to which you pay too much attention and spend too much money, but these things have very little impact on overall performance. Efficient fund allocation is a key challenge in business.

Test call center performance with Balanced Scorecard

Test call center performance with Balanced Scorecard

Use Balanced Scorecard system to test call center performance

Use Balanced Scorecard system to test call center performance

So, you need to know what should be improved in your call center. For example, if your have a very high cost per call rate, while some of your employees have much time in between the calls, it means that your personnel is too large. This is only a hypothetic example. With Balanced Scorecard system you will find the most important KPIs and their evaluation in percents.

For instance, if customer satisfaction has barely reached 50%, take urgent measures, as with such an attitude it will only decrease. If only 1 of 20 callers actually buys something, your conversion rate leaves much to be desired, and thus something needs to be done about it.

Which service desk benchmark is most important to you?

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Business performance evaluation is perhaps one of the most important business processes. Net revenue is not the only indicator of how well you company is performing. Of course, making more profits is an ultimate goal of any company and net revenue is a very important indicator. But still, there are so many other factors and indicators showing how your business performs in the market.

Perhaps, you have noticed that almost all companies have own call centers and contract independent call center companies to work for them. Why would a company need a call center? In the modern age of telecommunication, ordering products or services by phone is a very common practice. Besides, potential customers often have questions about products and services, while current customers may have problems or concerns about purchased products/services.

Thus, call center is a linking element between customers and business. If this element fails to perform its core functions, the business is likely to have problems. The result of this may be decreased revenues and even losses.

To evaluate performance of your call center, you need to use specialized software that does all the hard work for you. Balanced Scorecard system is known as a reliable and trusted business performance evaluation system. This program will help you find strong and weak points in the work of a call center. Sure, you need to answer one question that may not seem easy for you: “Which service desk benchmark is most important for call center?” The answer is quite ambiguous. The reality is that there are several most important key performance indicators (KPI) having the most influence on business performance. Call center metrics includes KPIs directly related to calls, their cost, customers, employees and their attitudes.

Which service benchmark to choose? Use BSC to find answers

Which service benchmark to choose? Use BSC to find answers

Service desk benchmarks

Service desk benchmarks

So, of you want to know weak points in the work of a call center you need to use Balanced Scorecard system and evaluate the following KPIs:

  1. Customer satisfaction. Ask you customers to rate conversation with the call center operator. Were all questions answered? Did call center operator talked to you politely? Were you fully informed on the issue you have been interested in? Customer satisfaction has a direct impact on revenues and number of new customers.
  2. Cost per call. If you are an ineffective manager who makes wrong decisions it may turn out that cost of one call may equal to the cost of a cheap product you sell. Try to analyze what factors influence cost per call, and what needs to be done to reduce it.

Sure, there are many more KPIs in call center metrics, which will be covere din the next articles on this blog.

Analyze your call center ratios to improve business performance

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Most big companies have own call centers which perform different tasks. If a company sells products, there should always be a call center which takes orders by phone, as not all people prefer using the Internet to place orders. Big companies producing or selling products usually have customer support services, which are call centers that answer customers’ phones calls. As a rule, customers have certain questions and concerns are to products and services provided by the company. Call center operators deal with these issues.

Specific character of operating a call center implies special knowledge and business skills. Call center does not work like traditional business. There are special aspects of work and factors influencing performance of a customer support service or a call center.

Every single call matters for a call center. There are indicators that show how well a call center is operating. If your customers are not satisfied with how call center operators handle calls, you may suffer certain losses. If your call center operators fail to describe the product or payment procedure, or if they are not being polite enough a potential customer may not become a real customer. Thus, your conversion rate will leave much to be desired. This will result in reduced revenue for the whole company. Thus, as you can see, call center may spoil performance of the whole company. Problems in sales department may arise from problems in the call center.

Call center ratios will help you evaluate business performance

Call center ratios will help you evaluate business performance

Use call center ratios in evaluation of your call center performance

Use call center ratios in evaluation of your call center performance

If you want to know roots of the problems and your weak points you need to evaluate performance of your call center by key performance indicators (KPI). Moreover, you need to establish primary and secondary KPIs, as some of them have very little impact on how your call center is doing.

With the help of Balanced Scorecard system you will be able to evaluate your call center and see where you need to work harder to improve overall performance. This system needs from you certain values to assess KPIs, i.e. factors that make your business successful.

Call center metrics is very important for top managers as ordinary operators may not know what they are doing wrong. It is manager’s job to inform employees on weak and strong points in their work. So, for instance, if having used balanced Scorecard system, you discovered that your operators keep callers on hold for quite a long time and some customers do not have enough patience to wait, you need to seek relevant solutions.

Evaluate call indicators to assess performance of your call center

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

In order to successfully run business, it should be properly managed. Business management is about identifying problems, setting development goals and evaluation of business performance over time. These days, business cannot work without IT support. In some businesses computers and the Internet are inseparable part of operation process, while other business types use IT technologies to serve business and evaluate it.

Automated tools for business evaluation are widely used ion many spheres. It is impossible to develop strategic plan without being aware of company’s current performance and existing problems. It is like building a house with an indecently built a basement. The higher the house will get, the shakier entire structure will be. This comparison vividly represents business development. Thus, in order to evaluate business, one should know which indicators of business performance represent real situation.

This article focuses on evaluation of key performance indicators in call centers. Many big companies have call centers or customer support services as a link to real and potential customers. Call center differ from other business models, as they have different goals. Often, the key goal of a call center is to generate sales. Some call centers consult customers and solve problems.

The goal of any business is making profits. If you call center works inefficiently, you will probably suffer losses because of sales rate decrease. Or your customers may simply find other company because they failed to receive competent answers to their questions.

Compare your call indicators to those of your competitors

Compare your call indicators to those of your competitors

Call indicators will help you evaluate overall performance of a call center

Call indicators will help you evaluate overall performance of a call center

If you want to improve performance of your call center you need to know where you should start at. In other words, you need to evaluate certain KPIs. What are they in call center business?

  1. Cost per call. This is, perhaps, the most important indicator, which represents overall performance of the call center. If you manage to keep cost per call low, it means that you managed to organize work in a very efficient way.
  2. Customer satisfaction. Not matter what goals you call center pursues (sales, consulting etc.) customers should be satisfied with their calls. Unsatisfied customer will not buy from your company. And unsatisfied customer may refuse your services if your call center operators failed to solve his problem.
  3. One and done call. This is a slangy expression meaning that customer solves his problem or has his question answered during one call. So, he does not have to call once again, which reduces number of unnecessary calls which reduces cot per call and increases revenue.

Call Center Metrics helps improve performance of the company

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

We are living in a highly competitive business world. If you want to be successful in your business you cannot stop developing. The moment you stop is the moment your business goes down. Tough competition in the markets has its advantages and drawbacks. Sure, customers like the fact that they have several choices to choose from. But business owners need to solve serious problems in developing strategies of future development.

In order to work out a strategic development plan you need to know how well you company is doing now. You cannot build a house without building basement and ground floor first. The same concerns business. If you decided to expand your business with existing problems, these problems will only increase. Thus, evaluation of business performance is a very important procedure which helps you find out strengths and weaknesses of your company.

Every day, millions of people are contacting call centers of different companies to perform purchases, get instructions or file complaints. Call centers are so much different from traditional business models. Different call centers have different goals. Some companies sell products by phone, while others provide customer support service. But in both cases, call efficiency is the most important facts. A customer needs to be satisfied. In other words a customer should end a call with a purchase or with realization that his/her problem is solved by call center operator.

Of course, you are confident that call center managers are the best specialist in sales. These are the people who talk to customers. They are your company’s face, as when a new customer is calling he evaluates the company by dialogue with a call center operator. As a progressive and smart manager, you need to know what strong and weak points in the work of your call center are.

Balanced Scorecard software will help you evaluate performance of your call center by key performance indicators (KPI). Different businesses have different KPIs. Of course, you need to take into account specifics of call center business. Now, let’s analyze key KPIs in the work of a call center to give you a full picture of how you can improve work of your company.

Improved customer service. Perhaps, this is the most important KPI in the work of a call center. A customer must be satisfied with the dialogues and results of the conversation. In different call center a customer is supposed to end the talk with a purchase, or saying: “Thank you, everything works now”, or “Oh, thanks. I have got no further questions.” If your call center operators fail to keep customers satisfied then you are in a trouble. Customer service need always to be improved. This is not even questionable. Ask your call center manages and random customer such questions: a) are your customers fully information on all discounts and hot offers? b) was customer’s initial question answered? c) did the conversation contribute to the customer’s loyalty to the company? These questions will help you evaluate performance of your call center.

Discovery of potential customers. As said above, you cannot stop developing in business. Your call center specialists need to look for new customers (if this is a sell by phone company). These are so called direct sale strategies. Call people and inform them on new offers. In such a way you can both enlist new customers and get statistics on how popular your products/services are.

Reduced revenue at risk. Statistics show that only less than 3% of customers may turn to your competitors if they were satisfied with the first call. So, the truth is – if you manage to get customer satisfied with the first call to your company he is likely to become loyal to your business.

Employee (call-center operators) satisfaction. Work in call center is not an easy one. People are different and some of them are calling in an irritated state. If you are receiving angry call all day long, you are likely to get angry yourself. However, when employees receive proper training and guidance to deal with angry callers, they are more likely to stay calm.

Service level and response time. Perhaps, these are key metrics in the work of any call center. What is service level? For example, 70% of calls are answered within 20 seconds. What does that mean in practice? It means that your employees need only 20 seconds to answer most of customers’ questions. This is an indicator of how well your contact center is performing. The longer the calls, the less of them you can process. Thus, your profits are decreasing. Besides, if a customer failed to get his question answered, he would call again. Repeat calls and unnecessary contacts take the call center down.

Adherence to schedule. Operators need time not only to talk to customers. This is also after call time, making necessary calls or registering an order. Of course, you cannot know how long the call will last, because sometimes it is necessary to repeat some things 10 times for a customer to understand. However, call center operators attempt to decrease this time and stick to a schedule.

Blockage. This is a very indicative metrics. Blockage in the number of customers are not able to contact call center operators because insufficient number of employees who can take calls. There are several solution here: increased number of operators and improved service (operators need less time to process calls, and thus they can quicker welcome new customers).

Evaluate performance of your call center

Abandon rate. This indicator is not totally under caller center’s control since it also depends on caller’s tolerance, availability of service alternatives, time of day etc.

First resolution rate. Call center operators call it “one and done” which means that that a potential customer needs just one call to have his problem handled or order processed. “One and done” calls are great indicators of call center’s perfect work.

Communication etiquette. You can check random conversations of your call center operators to make sure they are talking to customers with due courtesy. Are they polite? Do they use standard greetings?

Staff shrinkage. This is basically the time when your employees are not available. This time includes, breaks, times off, offline work etc. this is a very important figure that helps you calculate how many operators you will need in the next half an hour or an hour.

Cost per call. Business is about making money. People invest money to get profit. It is that simple. In the work of a call center all calls cost certain amount of money. This is wages to the operator, costs related to telecommunication services, facilities etc. In order to evaluate cost per call one needs to find ALL elements and factors influencing it. In such a way you will be able to see if financial recourses are used efficiently.

Define your strengths and weaknesses

Conversion rate. If your call canter sells products or services, conversion rate represents number of calls and number of completed purchases. If only 20% of calls end in registering a new order, then you either sell poor quality products or your call center does something wrong and scares potential customers off. In lucky days, conversion rate may reach 80%.

Sure, there are more KPIs influencing performance of any call center. They depend on the ultimate goals. Some call centers provide support and guidance while others sell products and services or enlist new customers. But in all cases it is imperative that you evaluate every KPI to see what needs to be improved. Being aware of own strengths and weaknesses is very important for any successful business, including call center.

Balanced scorecard metrics make it possible to learn weak points of the huge business structure. Sometimes, even a minor detail can make the whole business fail. BSC is a helpful solution in this case. Besides, being aware of own weak points, managers and employees will work harder to become better. If you do not know what you are doing wrong, how can you correct your mistakes? Balanced Scorecard will provide with answers.

Even if you improve some of the KPIs your employees will have the motivation for self-improvement. Any of these factors will increase revenue of the company, and if employees are getting fair compensation they are sure to work better.

It may happen that managerial evaluation of strengths and weaknesses may be not entirely correct. Balanced Scorecard will provide you with graphs and figures (including historic ones) which will let you see how your company was evolving in time.  For example, if you saw a direct dependence of revenue of cost per call or customer satisfaction, you know what you need to do to improve situation and increase profits.

To sum it up, it needs saying that efficiency of using Balanced Scorecard has been proved by thousands of business managers and companies. This tool is the best evaluation solution you can use to improve performance of your company. If your personnel is properly motivated and people are aware of weak points in their work, they see new horizons and development strategies.

Call Center Metrics

Evaluate KPIs for your call center

Call Center Metrics Are Not Worthless Tools

Monday, February 22nd, 2010


No doubt call center metrics have made their worth and significance renowned as a result of their effectiveness and convenience worldwide. Actually, “these are measure performance tools that are over and over again used to gauge the effectiveness and usefulness of a call center business internationally”. At present quite a few business organizations are using call center metrics to boost their business effectiveness worldwide.
These entail: nonprofit organizations, SEO companies, call center companies, IT sector, printing industry and many other business actors. These metrics are extremely industrious and also very lithe in their nature. All you have to do is never disregard the importance of call center metrics so that you may be able to achieve your corporate goals and objectives productively.

There is no denying that metrics and key performance indicators can do wonders concerning the betterment and development of your business organization. If you don’t believe, please read below:

• Improved customer service
• Discovery of potential customers and competition worldwide
• Increased sales volumes & revenue generation
• Economies of scale
• Improved corporate productivity
• Business identity development
• Competitive organizational structure and planning
• Accomplishment of short term & long term goals
• Less stress management
• Customer/employee satisfaction
• Quick decision making and business planning
• Removal of debts burdens &
• Financial independence

By seeing these commendable benefits of call center metrics, it is sure to say that these metrics are exceptionally expedient as well as constructive regarding your longer business perspective. However, you should keep in mind their actual importance so that you may be able to achieve your corporate goals and objectives effectively. Further, you can boost your organizational efficiency by using some other measurement tools and methods for example:
1.    CRM scorecard
2.     BSC Designer
3.    Business KPIs
4.    HR Scorecard Metrics
5.     Training Metrics
6.     Scoreboards
7.     Crisis Management Scorecard
8.     Credit Risk Measurement &
9.     Finance Scorecard


In short, call center metrics are amongst the most profitable methods for improving your call center business effectiveness worldwide. One of the most wonderful features of call center metrics is their amplified usefulness. Thus, these metrics can provide you heaps of benefits beyond your philosophy. All you need do is never ignore the value of call center metrics so that you may be able to achieve your corporate goals and objectives effectively.

Why Call Center Metrics Are Essential For You

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

In order to measure and weigh up if your business organization is running smoothly, it is vital to develop and create some metrics and key performance indicators on a perpetual basis. This way, you have to evaluate what factors and elements are most important for your industrial setup more willingly than just set the standard productivity metrics that may or may not be pertinent to your business model. This way, you will have to mull over different kinds of metrics in order to run your business organization more efficiently and more dedicatedly. These metrics will be consisted of customer satisfaction, call response time, employee punctuality, and so on.There is no denying that metrics have made their significance renowned due to their effectiveness throughout the world. Therefore, one must not overlook their importance at all, because without metrics you cannot be able to manage and analyze your call center business success and productivity. By establishing the right metrics as well as key performance indicators, you will be surely able to determine the level of employee and customer satisfaction effortlessly. This way, call resolution metrics can wonders for your corporation. In addition, a more dynamic and efficient team that can handle calls faster and more efficiently can result in a need for fewer people and cost savings for the entire business organization.Both key performance indicators and metrics are a crucial part of call centre administration, but they need to be premeditated vigilantly. You have to determine what factors and elements are vital for your band and for your status. For example, if speed is the main concern that people distinguish you for, then you will have to determine and set metrics and KPIs thoroughly based upon the amount of calls answered and time a client waits for hold.But if your status and repute is more based upon quality, then speed will not be determined and weighed up. However as an alternative for first call response, technical and mechanical capability will be fully determined and measured. Recognizing what your business stands for and shows off is how to settle on the call center metrics which will be most precious for you, because you can’t be the whole lot. You would need to make tough and tricky decisions on the fields and areas you are willing to sacrifice to gain both employee as well as customer satisfaction.

Call Center Scorecard At A Glance

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

A successful performance management tool and method ensures that a balanced call center scorecard is implemented in order to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of call center agents.Call centers are more often than not hired by business organizations as a resource of interaction and communication with clientele. Some of the business actors out in the global market are comprised of utility companies, banks, mail order catalog firms, and computer hardware manufacturers. A call center will be divided into two important categories: an inbound call center and outbound call center. Inbound call centers often receive calls from clientele who would need assistance and information about a specific product or service. Outbound call centers make outgoing calls to prospective clientele.These business entities often make use of various telecommunication forecasting techniques to find out the number of agents that are required in a definite period of time. These tools and methods are utilized to forecast call traffic intensity in any given hour. For evaluation purposes, historical data and trends would be determined and analyzed. They also consider individual customer behavior particularly when their calls get lined up. A number of performance management systems implemented in call centers frequently used to completely crack down on performance measures, for example, average talk time, average handling time, the number of calls handled per hour, and the time of delay while a caller expects someone to receive his call.At present, there is a shift of priorities where executives of these organizations are concerned. Formerly, much burden was imposed on talk times and managing times and were measured the eventual measure of agent performance. The various types of call centers now distinguish the need to keep an eye on overall call center performance dependent on KPIs. These indicators are by and large based upon various corporate goals and objectives. Efficient and successful use of these key performance indicators would allow management to track and measure agent performance. Similarly, these would also be helpful and useful in the identification, diagnosis and resolution of performance problems.In call center business and industry, a single measure of call center performance is the Balanced Score. It is imperative in measuring this score; metrics , for instance, cost per call, customer satisfaction, first contact resolution (FCR) rate, agent utilization, and aggregate call center performance have to determined and measured. By frequently keeping an eye on the Balanced Score, it would become more and more easy and trouble-free for stakeholders to find out whether or not the performance of a call center is declining or improving over time.