Design Call-Center metrics with Balanced Scorecard Designer

The Balanced Scorecard Designer is a software tool that helps in designing Balanced Scorecard performance indicators, also called “metrics” or “KPI”. Actually, there are two parts of the solution that are useful for business owners.

Balanced Scorecard Designer

  • First, the software tools that provides user with required functionality.
  • Second, the library of metrics and scorecards that might be a good place to start when designing your own scorecards.

Call Center Metrics

The basic function of Balanced Scorecard Designer is providing user with easy way to build a tree of indicators, e.g. specify some categories and indicators within these categories. Once the category was specified user can assign some more details to indicators, such as measure way, measure units, current and target values.

Indicator Details

The program will calculate the performance of business unit according to data provided in Balanced Scorecard, taking in account not only current values of indicators, but indicators’ weights, e.g. relative importance.

Scorecard Report

Once user have designed indicators they could be exported into Excel file, that is very useful when you need to share data with someone else.

There are some other great features available in this software, right now you can download free fully functional 30-day trial version.

Get Balanced Scorecard Designer

Please, download and try trial version of Balanced Scorecard Designer before placing order.