Evaluate call center benchmark to improve business performance

Modern business undergoes a very difficult stage of development. The worst economic crisis has hurt thousands or perhaps millions of businesses all over the world. In the post crisis economy suffering even minor losses or inefficient spending of money means that your business will not survive for a long time.

Thus, in order to make sure you are not losing hard earned profits or wasting money you could have invested in your business, one needs to evaluate it and find all strengths and weaknesses to develop a comprehensive strategic development plan.

Most companies have call centers which either sell products/services or provide customers with support and guidance. Customer support services should employ only competent operators who know the subject matter (for example, network technologies if this is a web hosting provider). You cannot afford having an ineffective call center as your customers may turn with their backs to you and your company which will be a disaster.

To properly evaluate performance of your call center it is not enough just to calculate revenue or total expenses related to maintaining it. Of course, these figures will tell you much but they will not tell you what caused negative performance of a call center. In such a case an effective and progressive manager should use Balanced Scorecard system.

Call center benchmar will indicate business performance

Call center benchmar will indicate business performance

Which call center benchmark to use to evaluate overall performance?

Which call center benchmark to use to evaluate overall performance?

What is it? In order to better explain it, let’s take a hypothetic example of an imaginary call center. So, you are a top manager in the call center who needs to know what goes wrong with it. You are armed with basic figures like net loss or revenue, number of call answered for a certain period, number of employees etc. All these figures can say just one: something is wrong.

Balanced Scorecard system is represented by software that takes all these figures into account to evaluate all key performance indicators (KPI). KPIs are factors that influence business performance, in our case call center performance.

You will be surprised at how efficiently the program can work. You will get to know about all weaknesses in the company which you will be able to address directly. Besides, your employees will know what they are doing wrong which will contribute to motivation, self-confidence and positive organization climate.

Balanced Scorecard system and call center metrics are the best tools to evaluate performance of a call center, optimize its work and improve indicators.

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