Evaluate call center performance with customer indicators

Without any doubt, a call center is a very important department of any large company that sells products or renders services. Call centers may have different functions, from selling products to providing customers and potential customers with support and guidance. Depending on how a call center works, it is possible to evaluate overall performance of a company.

Call center operators are the people who are at the forefront of the market. They are the linking element between customers and company management. Unsatisfied customers rarely buy products and services of the company they have been calling to. Sometimes, it happens that after calling customer support service, callers decide to refuse services of the company he/she has been rendered. Lost customer means lost money. It is a universal rule in business.

As you have already understood, this article dwells on how to improve work of a call center. First, it needs saying that in order to improve performance one needs to know what exactly needs to be improved. In other words, one should determine key performance indicators (KPI). What are KPIs? These are factors that influence performance of a certain business most of all. They can be primary and secondary.

    Evaluate call center perofmance with customer indicators

Evaluate call center perofmance with customer indicators

Customer indicators help in performance evaluation

Customer indicators help in performance evaluation

When we are talking about call center, we need to know which KPIs need to be evaluated. Sure thing, this is not done manually. Top managers from all over the world use Balanced Scorecard system which has been designed to evaluate business KPIs. With analysis results obtained from Balanced Scorecard system, a manager is able to see what should be done in certain direction of business and strategic development.

With the help of Balanced Scorecard system a call center manager can easily find weak points in the work of employees. Moreover, it is possible to find problems at each stage, which make it possible to avoid mistakes and losses in future.

Call center metrics is used in strategic development. For instance, a manager needs to know current performance of a call center before making decision to expand it. Balanced Scorecard system will provide users with analysis results in percents, or in form of graphs, if necessary. Such documents can be used at meetings and board sessions as they are informative and very easy to understand.

An effective call center manager needs to be aware of such KPIs as cost per call, customer satisfaction, abandoned calls rate, time on hold, revenue per one call, number of one and done calls etc.

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