Evaluate request kpi to improve call cente performance

Evaluation of business performance can be one of the most difficult and daunting tasks. Net revenue rate is a good indicator, however, there are so many factors that influence business performance and measure success. At that, each business has own factors and indicators. A retail sales company will take care of sales rate while a customer support service should focus on customer satisfaction and first call resolution.

It should be noted that all respected and trusted companies have own call centers, no matter what kind of business they run. Naturally, current, former and potential customers have questions and concerns related to products and services they have purchased or are about to purchase. A call center is a linking element between business and its customers.

It is very important that your call center does not scare customers away. You need to understand that this is your business face. It is a call center operator that represents the company during the call. A caller does not know what a good person CEO or head manager is. A caller judge the company by a conversation with a call center operator.

Without any doubt, an effective manager needs to evaluate performance of a call center to find solutions to existing problems. We recommend use of Balanced Scorecard system which is a special program that performs calculations to evaluate business performance by KPI (key performance indicators). As already said above, each business has different KPIs, and call center is not an exception here. There are certain factors and indicators that make work of a call center effective and efficient.

Request kpi is an inseparable part of call center metrics

Request kpi is an inseparable part of call center metrics

Evaluate performance of call center with request kpi

Evaluate performance of call center with request kpi

Balanced Scorecard system will help you detect the problems before they have harmful consequences for your business. Call center metrics include numerous KPIs, but some of them are very important both for callers and call center operators.

There is one common thing about all businesses. An enterprise must be profitable. In case of a call center, this business should make profits if this is a sales call center. In case of customer support service, we cannot talk about profitability. However, effective customer support service contributes to overall performance of business.

Balanced Scorecard system will help you evaluate such indicators as cost per call, revenue per successful call (if this is a sales call center), customer and employees satisfaction, time on hold (time a customer spends waiting for a specialist competent in his problem), blockage and abandoned calls rate, number of one and done calls etc.

Balanced Scorecard is an inseparable element of a manager’s tool kit. This software will make it possible to improve business performance and develop future development plans.

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