Improving Revenues per Call with Call Center Metrics

Today call centers play a major role in sales and marketing initiatives of most large companies and are often responsible for generating and converting a large proportion of the leads. Quite invariably when such call centers are evaluated, their efficiency is evaluated on basis of their average revenues per call.


Increasing the revenues per call in a call center is a complex task as there is no magic technique that can achieve the same. Most often than not there is a whole set aspects to be taken care off which includes quality customer care to process efficiency. Thus evaluating these divergent metrics requires help of a suitable tool such as a balanced scorecard. On a balanced scorecard you devise your own call center metrics or take the help of ready to use call center scorecards as per your requirement.


A call center scorecard serves as basic reference point and help you quickly improves the revenues per call by allowing you to tailor you evaluation schemes according to its preset KPIs. It also serves as a valuable tool for small centers which lack the expertise to design their own evaluation metrics from scratch. Last but not least they help you save valuable time which otherwise is required for designing your own customised metrics and allows you to quickly start off the blocks.


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