Service desk measures improve performance of a call center

If your company is selling products or renders services there should be some way customers can contact your company. There are no ideal products, and there can be certain problems with services, especially if these services are related to telecommunication technologies (television, web hosting company or ISP). Your customers should know how to solve problems with products/service. They must be able to ask questions and get qualified answers.

For these purposes most companies start work of call centers or customer support services. As a rule it is possible to contact support team via the Internet (email or live chat) or via the phone (as a rule this is a long tool-free number). Many people still prefer to call as they got used to hearing human voice instead of typing in live chat and getting support there.

Customer support services (also called service desks) are extremely important elements in the business structure. With a poorly working call center you will have your customers churn to your competitors, even you are providing better services. So, it is imperative that you evaluate customer support service performance in order to improve it. If you have satisfied customers you will most certainly succeed in your business.

Service desk measures will help you evaluate business performance

Service desk measures will help you evaluate business performance

Take service desk measures to evaluate call center performance

Take service desk measures to evaluate call center performance

For performance evaluation purposes managers tend to use Balanced Scorecard system which is an effective tool to find out strengths and weaknesses of your company, or call center in particular. Balanced Scorecard evaluates certain factors, called key performance indicators (KPI). KPIs vary from business to business, as they take into account specific character of every business type.

A call center should first of all provide high quality support for existing and potential customers. With Balanced Scorecard system you will need very little time to find problems in work of a call center. This program will help you focus on primary factors and indicators directly influencing call center performance. It is impossible to expand the call center or further develop it without being aware of existing problems and imperfections.

Balanced Scorecard system will provide you with information on such indicators, as cost per call, revenue per successful call (if this is a sale by phone center), customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, time on hold, blockage rate, one and done calls, abandoned calls rate and many others.

Balanced Scorecard system you will be able find weak points in the work of a call center which will increase self-confidence and motivation of your employees and operators.

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