Support control is the best way to monitor call center performance

Imagine you want to purchase a laptop, or buy web hosting plan from a web hosting provider. You have found numerous web sites with attractive offers. But, perhaps, the first thing you will do is finding a toll free number to which you can call and ask questions about the products and services you are about to buy. So, basically, your decision to buy products/services pretty much depends on how successful your call to the company will be.

Why did we start this article with hypothetic situation? It is to describe how important a call center is. It does not matter what goals a call center pursue it is definitely a mediator between customers and business itself. Call center operators are soldiers who are located at the forefront of a business. These are the people who persuade potential customers buy products and services, and thus they generate income.

It is important to feel sure that a call center works perfectly. Sure, there are no perfect things, and if you are aspiring to perfection you will most certainly succeed. In order to develop and expand any business, one should first evaluate it. The same concerns call center. If you plan to increase the number of operators or organize training sessions, you fist need to evaluate current performance to find strengths and weaknesses.

Using Balanced Scorecard system you will be able to perform evaluation of call center performance within a short period of time. With the help of automated software it is possible to find out all weak and strong point. The program will provide you with results in form of graphs, figures and percents.

Start with support control in evaluation of call center performance

Start with support control in evaluation of call center performance

Support control is one of the ways to monitor call center performance

Support control is one of the ways to monitor call center performance

What exactly does Balanced Scorecard system evaluate? There is such a notion as key performance indicator. In case of a call center, these are indicators that directly influence work of a call center, thus making it either effective or ineffective.

So, if you want to organize support control you need to take into account the following KPIs (key performance indicators):

  1. Revenue per successful call. Balanced Scorecard system will divide total revenue generated by call center operators by total number of calls. If it turns out that net revenue per successful call is lower than cost per call, your call center does a poor job.
  2. Cost per call. This is the amount of money you have to spend to answer one call.
  3. Customer satisfaction. Ask your customers to rate calls. Satisfied customers turn into the most loyal customers of your company.

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