Test call center performance with Balanced Scorecard system

Much in your company will depend on call center performance, of course of you have any. But usually, well reputed companies always have a call center. Operators either place orders or consult customers on different issues. Thus, a call center may have two major goals: sell products and services by phone, and provide customers with ongoing support.

If your call center shows poor performance this may result in: a) decrease of revenue since operators will sell less products/services by phone, b) low customer satisfaction which may result in customer churn, while new customer are unlikely to buy from you if they did not like their conversation with a call center operator.

So, as you can see, you can be the best manager in the entire world, but your call center may spoil just everything you managed to accomplish. You need to keep your nose to the wind, or in other words regularly evaluate performance of your call center to be aware of most serious problems and hardships in work.

In order to be well informed on strengths and weaknesses of your call center, you should definitely use Balanced Scorecard system. Specialized software will do all the job for you. All the program needs is figures, like average time of one call, total expenses related to call center maintenance etc.

Test call center performance with Balanced Scorecard software

Test call center performance with Balanced Scorecard software

Use call center metrics to evaluate call center performance

Use call center metrics to evaluate call center performance

Balanced Scorecard concept employs the ideal of evaluating separate indicators which altogether represent overall performance of a company. In case of a call center these are special indicators that show how well your operators cope with their job.

There are not many of such KPIs (key performance indicators) related to call center metrics. However, it is very important to pick the most valuable ones. If you focus on secondary factors, you are risking to waste money for nothing.

So, be careful when picking the right KPIs. This list will surely help you make the right decisions and properly evaluate call center performance.

Concentrate on cost per call as too expensive calls make take your company down. There are many ways to reduce cost per call, however, you need to make sure your operators get proper compensation.

Customer satisfaction is another indicator which is very important to any call center manager. Angry customers rarely become loyal to a company. So, all questions of callers need to be answered.

First resolution calls. These calls are called one and done calls. It means that a customer needs only one call to resolve his/her problems.

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