Tracking the outsourcing of call center functions through KPIs

Call Centers have been quite successful in providing various kinds of ‘support services’ to other organizations. With the trend of outsourcing call center tasks increasingly gaining momentum, organizations are looking towards techniques that allow them to track the performance of their outsourced processes.

It is an well known fact that most organizations have favored ‘balanced scorecard’ approach a track a majority of their processes. Now the same approach can be applied to outsourced tasks and with the help of a call center outsourcing scorecard one can track the ultimate outcome has ‘efficiency of call centers’ as one of the factors.

The actual acts will involve ‘laying down the important indicators at one place under suitable categories’; ‘setting the target values’; ‘calculating the actual values’ and ‘comparing the two sets of  values so as to keep actual values restricted within the given range’. By following these numbers and digits, user can get assured of being on the right track forever. However, regular up-dations regarding the targets have to be undertaken so that no ‘lagging (in any sense)’ is discovered in later times.