Measuring customer relationship performance with Balanced Scorecard system

Any producer of products and provider of services must always stay in touch with its customer. Business is about making money, and these are customers who bring profits. It does not matter what kind of business a company is running, but relations with customers are all important.

If a company has loyal customers who are willing to buy from the company, overall business performance will be set on a very high level. Of course, business performance must be always measured, including customer relationship performance. The more effectively you work with customers the more profits you have. If your customers are satisfied with services and products you offer them, they are more likely to stay with your company.

What is a linking element between company management and customers? Of course, the company CEO rarely talks to customers in person. For these purposes businesses often open call centers or customer support services. By evaluating call center performance it is possible to evaluate customer relationship performance, and thus whether or not a call center works efficiently.

The best tool designed for evaluation of business performance (including call center performance) is Balanced Scorecard system. This tool was specifically developed to evaluate key performance indicators (KPI) in numerous businesses. Every business type has own KPIs. A call center concentrates on keeping costs low and improving customer satisfaction.

Use Balanced Scorecard system to measure customer relationship performance

Use Balanced Scorecard system to measure customer relationship performance

Measure customer relationship performance of a call center to improve KPIs

Measure customer relationship performance of a call center to improve KPIs

Balanced Scorecard is an effective tool to measure business performance through evaluation of separate set of KPIs. In case of a call center there are not many KPIs that really influencing business performance, however, some of them are extremely important.

Armed with Balanced Scorecard system you will need to evaluate the following KPIs to measure customer relationship performance.

  1. Customer satisfaction. This is perhaps the most important KPI to measure customer relationship performance. Ask your customers to rate conversation with call center operators. If it turns out that many customers are not satisfied with how they talked to operators and how their problems was solved or questions answered, you need to take urgent measures.
  2. Time on hold. This is the time a customer spends waiting for someone to solve his problem. Saying “wait a minute please, I will find someone competent in this issue” is generally OK, but a customer should not wait for too long.
  3. One and done calls. If customer solved his problem with just one call, this is called one and done call. The more such calls you have, the more efficient and competent operators your call center has.

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