Call Center Metrics

Call Center Balanced Scorecard focuses on measuring and controlling of Call Center performance.

 Call Center Metrics

This Scorecard contains indicators that are highly specific for measuring the performance of phone support services. The four group of indicators provides manager with balanced analysis over call-center performance.

Call Center Metrics

  • The Financial perspective – Calls revenue, costs, conversion. Includes indicators that helps to measure financial aspects of call-center performance. Indicators within this category are: Revenue per successful call, Cost per call, Conversion rate.
  • Internal Process perspective – Calls handling and processing. This group of indicators helps to measure Average call-handling time, Number of Sales attempts, Caller’s Segmentation, Support Service Availability.
  • Coaching in call-center perspective allows to find out if education and growth processes are organized well. This perspective includes such indicators as Coaching time, Supervisor responsibilities, Coaching methods.
  • Another group of indicators is Calls quality, this group includes such indicators as Response time quality, Customer loose rate, First-call resolution, Save rate.

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