Customer Relationship Metrics

CRM Metrics Scorecard helps to find out if your Customer Relationship processed are running well.

CRM Metrics

Customer Relationship Metrics focuses on some general indicators that helps to measure performance of customer relations unit within company.

Customer Relationship Metrics

This Balanced Scorecard focuses on four main groups of indicators:

  • Market Invasion. Helps to evaluate the scope and speed of market invasion. This group contains the following indicators: Accession Rate, Diminution Rate, Market Penetration, Retention Rate.
  • Customer Quality. Contains quality specific indicators. This group contains the following indicators: Customer Loyalty, Customer Value, Customer Long-Term Value, Customer Life Span.
  • Customer Segmentation. Metrics that help to check basic customers’ segmentation. This group contains the following indicators: Happy Customers, Satisfied Customers, Dissatisfied Customers, Customer Potential.
  • Damage and Recovery Manager. Helps to evaluate possible loses due to customer relationship problems. This group contains the following indicators: Risk Factor, Dissatisfaction Management, Damage Control, Customer Recovery, Service Quality.

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