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On this page you can purchase Balanced Scorecards as a stand alone products or in the pack. All scorecards are available as a trial versions, so please, try the evaluation version before placing order. After the purchase you will have a links to download the version of Balanced Scorecard in Excel file. Also, the scorecard will be available for download as a .bsc file. The .bsc is a format of Balanced Scorecard Designer, so if you wish to have ability to edit and create your own scorecards, you should also purchase a Balanced Scorecard Designer.

Stand-alone products:

Pack of CRM-related Scorecards:

  • The pack includes: CRM + Help Desk + Call Center Balanced Scorecard for 144 US$ (180$, 20% off), add to shopping cart.
  • Purchase CRM Metrics Pack, 6 units for 252 US$ ($360, 30% off, save 108 US$).The pack includes 6 CRM related metrics: Customer Relationship, Call-Center, Help Desk, Interactive Voice Response, Call Center Outsourcing, Product Knowledge Management metrics.

Balanced Scorecard Designer

BSC Designer is a program that was used to create Balanced Scorecard Metrics, you can use it to create your own new metrics or modify existent.

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