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On this page you can purchase Balanced Scorecards as a stand alone products or in the pack. All scorecards are available as a trial versions, so please, try the evaluation version before placing order. After the purchase you will have a links to download the version of Balanced Scorecard in Excel file. Also, the scorecard will be available for download as a .bsc file. The .bsc is a format of Balanced Scorecard Designer, so if you wish to have ability to edit and create your own scorecards, you should also purchase a Balanced Scorecard Designer.

Stand-alone products:

Pack of CRM-related Scorecards:

  • The pack includes: CRM + Help Desk + Call Center Balanced Scorecard for 144 US$ (180$, 20% off), add to shopping cart.
  • Purchase CRM Metrics Pack, 6 units for 252 US$ ($360, 30% off, save 108 US$).The pack includes 6 CRM related metrics: Customer Relationship, Call-Center, Help Desk, Interactive Voice Response, Call Center Outsourcing, Product Knowledge Management metrics.

Balanced Scorecard Designer

BSC Designer is a program that was used to create Balanced Scorecard Metrics, you can use it to create your own new metrics or modify existent.

Free Balanced Scorecard Mp3 Training Free Balanced Scorecard Mp3 Training